POLYTECH®100 Foam Concrete

POLYTECH®100 Foam Concrete is a non-autoclaved "aerated concrete" material, commonly known as foam concrete or foam cement. It is a cement-based material to which technical foam is added mechanically. This eliminates air bubbles in the material. It is made of cement, fillers, a TECH CELL foaming agent and mixing water. POLYTECH 100 can be used a levelling or filling mortar. It can also be produced in a Kompatto mixer, an MP1 mixer together with a GSAB foam generator, or in a plastering machine with a GSI v13 foam generator (for continuous production).


  • Compressive strength: ≥ 0.30 MPa (≥300kPa)
  • The mixture has a low volume density: 0.6 ± 5% g/cm3 (600kg/m3)
  • It is a frost resistant material.
  • It is a non-flammable material (reaction to fire: A1).
  • The material adheres to the surface well (thanks to its high fluidity).
  • Bending strength: ≥ 0.20 MPa
  • Layer contraction at a thickness of 20 mm: ≤ 0.2%

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